When we launched the Chrome Web Store Support Tab in 2012, our goal was to provide a communication channel that would enable you to have an open discussion with the users of your apps and extensions. Developers like you have reported that the tool has helped identify bugs faster, obtain ideas for new features, and prioritize work based on user impact. But we’ve also seen that many users continue to leave their feedback in the form of comments under the Reviews tab. Until now, the Web Store has not provided an option to respond to these comments, which has had the effect of leaving many users’ bug reports and feature suggestions unanswered, even after the issues have been addressed.

Today, we’re providing both you and your users the ability to reply to comments in the Reviews tab, in order to ensure that you can openly and clearly communicate about all relevant feedback.


To strengthen relationships with your users and ensure that the Reviews tab provides accurate information about your product, we recommend that you begin closely monitoring user reviews for bug reports and feature suggestions. Be sure to reply constructively to both negative and positive reviews, notify users when you have addressed their feedback, and thank the users who are your biggest advocates.  
Before replying to user reviews, please read the commenting guidelines to ensure that your use of this feature is compliant with Chrome Web Store policies. Also remember that when posting reviews, your name and Google account will be shown publicly so that prospective users can see that you consistently provide high quality customer support. Head over to your reviews tab and start connecting with users today!

Posted by James Wagner, Product Lead and Reviews Wrangler