On Chrome OS, users should be able to work with files in the cloud as easily as they work with local files.
Today, users often have their files spread all over the cloud — with documents in one place, their photos in another, and videos somewhere else. Working across all of those systems can be a challenge, which is where the File System Provider API in Chrome OS can help. With the File System Provider API, users who install your Chrome App can have your Cloud service seamlessly integrated into the Chrome OS Files app. Working with multiple storage backends becomes as easy as dragging and dropping files locally.

As usual, users can install your Chrome app or extension from the Chrome Web Store. Or, they can add new services directly from the Files app. The new file system will then appear directly in the left navigation column. Users can browse this file system anywhere the Files app is shown, including Save as and Open dialogs.


Your extension just needs to call chrome.fileSystemProvider.mount and respond to the listed events. Developers have already created some great apps, including the Box.com official client, an SMB client, and even a way to browse TED talks locally. Check out the documentation or join the mailing list to stay informed about announcements and API changes.

Posted by Tomasz Mikolajewski, Filesystem Fiend