Unless otherwise noted, changes described below apply to the newest Chrome Beta channel release for Android, Chrome OS, Linux, Mac, and Windows.

Presentation API
Historically, sites have been unable to present content to nearby devices, which made it hard to build experiences like a slide “presenter mode” for the mobile web. The latest release of Chrome on Android now allows mobile sites to present to Google Cast devices using the standards-based Presentation API and the Cast Web SDK.

Custom buttons on notifications
Chrome 42 introduced the ability for users to receive push notifications from websites, allowing users to build deeper relationships with the sites they love. Usage of the feature has grown quickly, with Chrome now delivering more than 350 million push notifications every day. In the latest Chrome release, sites can now add custom buttons to notifications, enabling users to complete tasks entirely within the notification.

Notification actions in Chrome 48 on Android

Detecting maximum connection speed
A user’s mobile phone connects to the internet over anything from high quality WiFi to 2G, which has made it difficult to design the right mobile experience. Developers can now use NetworkInformation.downlinkMax to detect a device's maximum bandwidth so they can send the optimal resources for the connection speed. Sites can also respond to changes in connection quality using the NetworkInformation.onChange event handler.

Other features in this release

Minor changes

Posted by Anton Vayvod, Presentation MC